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The term Low Code BPM might sound enigmatic at first but when you look deeper, it’s easy to understand it. An organization comprises employees from different teams like HR, finance, engineering, operations, and vendors. While every last one of them is important for the efficient functioning of your small business or startup, it is a known fact that not all of them are developers or experts at coding. That’s when a Low-code BPM becomes essential for you.

Streamlining workflow is the first step towards integrating a paperless environment where every document is available on the cloud and permissions are granted through workflow software. Your employees may not know to code or how to customize software using codes. The Zero Code BPM program eradicates the need to have coding knowledge with a visual UI builder.

Your workforce will be able to easily make use of the readymade templates available and even create new ones easily as it supports drag and drop features.

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Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why Low Code BPM is Essential for Your Business.

1. No-Code Facilitates Easier Implementation

Implementing a no-code program is much easier because it will not intimidate your employees as software-based real-time coding would do.

Even the lowest requirement to code will defer a lot of people from getting on board willingly. The attitude, in turn, will affect your business productivity and it becomes impossible to implement workflow automation in your office environment.

Low code business process management makes it possible and will encourage all your employees to adopt it without any hesitation.

2. Time Efficient with No Training Phase

There is no need to spend time training your workforce on different aspects of a no-code business process software.

The entire system is based on a visual user interface with simple instructions. All they have to do is fill up the predefined columns when requesting leaves, need invoices to be approved and files to be verified by the senior management. An employee can upload a document and it will automatically be forwarded to his or her respective manager for approval. The convenience of not having dedicated training hours for your people is something that you will appreciate when the software is implemented in a matter of hours and is used by every team.

End-to-end workflow automation

Build fully-customizable, no code process workflows in a jiffy.

3. Simplest Way to Create New Templates

The Low Code BPM does come with a large collection of widely used templates for the HR department, the finance people, and operations. It also includes leave request and approval templates but there are always specific business requirements.

When your employee has a specific requirement, they don’t have to seek help from the development team. They can instantly create new templates based on their requirement and encourage their teammates to start using them. Being a no-code application, it’s easier to create new business-specific workflow modules that you can immediately start using.


Cflow is one of the best Low Code BPM solutions that you could find which comes with a set of predefined templates to get you going instantly. Using our workflow software is an intuitive process for which your employees need no coding knowledge.

While we already provide you with all essential workflow templates to automate your process, the no-code BPM makes it easier to implement new software in your organization. It’s easy to use, simplified visual UI, and doesn’t require any training.

Give Cflow a try and you will be able to see how it can revolutionize the way your employees work by being a unified platform to get all their everyday tasks done in a more efficient manner.

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