Banking Automation Solution as Diverse as Your Customers.

Cflow is a powerful workflow automation solution that enables Banking companies to deliver faster, more secure, and reliable services. From account opening to Risk and Compliance management and everything in between – Cflow streamlines and optimizes process workflows so you can deliver a seamless customer experience. Our no-code cloud workflow automation platform lets you set up banking workflows within minutes.

Retail Banks

Cflow redefines back-end operations in retail banks through workflow automation. Our digital workflows allow retail banks to eliminate manual tasks, human error, and improve compliance management.

Investment Banks

Cflow enables end-to-end automation of processes across investment banks. Our workflow automation solution eliminates data silos and manual tasks, enabling banks to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Credit Unions

Cflow lets credit unions automate key process workflows across the organization without writing a single line of code. Repetitive tasks, trigger events, information requests, and work assignments can be easily automated.

account opening

01- Account Opening

Prioritizing your customer right from the first interaction translates to a lifetime of loyalty. Accelerating and streamlining the account opening process is a great value proposition for your brand. Typical background processes include identifying verification, financial fraud, and background checks. What usually takes days, automation can speed it up to minutes. Automate any type of account opening workflow within minutes with Cflow.

02- Treasury Services

A smooth and quick onboarding process sets the tone for strong customer relationships. Automating treasury management bridges the gap between sales and fulfillment and empowers the treasury team to streamline the onboarding process. Cflow automates the entire treasury management function, so you can spend more time strengthening customer relationships rather than mundane verification and validation processes. Optimize your treasury management processes with Cflow.

treasury services
deposits and renewal

03- Deposits and Renewal

Keeping track of term deposits and policy renewals can eat up the productive hours of banking personnel. Where there are no standing instructions for renewal of the policy, banking personnel spend a lot of time following up with the customers. Automated renewal of term deposits saves a lot of time and effort for the banking personnel on following up and validation. Notifications and reminders can also be sent automatically to notify customers about the maturity of the deposit or renewal. Cflow simplifies the deposit and renewal banking operations.

Back office automation

Customer Services

Payment Requests

Vendor Additions

Client Invoicing

CapEx Approvals

04- Lending

Processing loans can be a nightmare for banking institutions without the right process workflows. Typically, a mortgage loan approval may take anything between 50 to 60 days with a host of checks and verifications to be done in the background. Automating the loan processing workflow can accelerate the process and eliminate any bottlenecks, and cut down the processing time to minutes. Cflow transforms the cumbersome lending process into an accelerated and accurate process workflow within minutes.

risk and compliance

05- Risk & Compliance

As FinTech advances rapidly, there is a proportional rise in security and compliance challenges. Safeguarding your organization against cyber-crimes, money laundering, and security attacks while adhering to policy regulations is paramount in the banking sector. Automation technology can gather, synthesize, and apply data with the highest levels of accuracy and security. Cflow ensures the highest safety of banking data and 100% compliance to new regulatory laws.

06- KYC

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is mandatory across financial institutions. As per a recent study, banks spend a whopping $384 million annually on KYC compliance. Automating the validation and verification of customer data relieves banking personnel from repetitive tasks, which translates to huge cost savings. Cflow automates the KYC compliance checks to accelerate the validation and minimize errors in compliance checks.

know your customer

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