Quotation Management

Accelerate your quotation management with our workflow program. Incorporate your own quote, add discounts and rules before sending them for a bidding. The unified platform allows all your team members to work together and make valuable suggestions.

Quotation management
Purchase Request Process

Purchase Request Process

The various steps involved in a purchase request process right from placing an order for office supplies or software to acquiring vendor quotes and manager approval can be handled through Cflow.

Purchase Receipt

Once a purchase is successfully completed, create and store the purchase receipt. Easy availability makes it possible to review receipts and compare quotes in future, keep track of trusted vendors and billing management.

Purchase Receipt Workflow
Item request process

Item Request

Allows your employees to place an item request to your operations/ finance team, get it approved by the manager and push it through a purchase request, all-in-one simple to use workflow process created within Cflow’s intuitive user interface.

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