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October 2022
Cflow – October 2022

Cflow is becoming a leading cloud-based workflow management and automation platform and we’re always working on new and exciting things.

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September 2022
Cflow – September 2022

We are back with some important updates and enhancements – schedule actions, new lookups, etc. Click below to know more.

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August 2022
Cflow – August 2022

Yes, we bring you regular updates and enhancements to simplify your work much more. Click below to know the exciting updates.

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July 2022
Cflow – July 2022

To get the most out of Cflow it is always good to be where the updates are happening. Clone, timestamps, and a whole lot more.

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June 2022
Cflow – June 2022

So many “New” features – Cflow brings you a new field type, new widget, new keyword, and a new feature named “clarification”.

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May 2022
Cflow – May 2022

Cflow has bought some exciting updates for this month like a new password policy, multi-language support, and API implementation.

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