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Streamline Your Procurement Cycle with Workflow Automation

A procurement suite that centralizes everything from purchase request processing to product management all in a single space.

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Create, Track, and Have Procurement Process Under Control

Cflow enables procurement teams to transform their procurement processes by automating manual purchasing, syncing procurement data, and improving team collaboration. Our all-in-one procurement platform helps you take control of your spending, save money, and streamline communication with stakeholders.


Create purchase requests efficiently in real time by minimizing manual data entry.


Track requests and standardize the purchase requisition process.


Approve, revise, edit, and cancel requisitions from the centralized procurement platform.


Unified purchasing and AP automation that enables procurement teams to make responsible spending decisions.

Approve Requests Faster

Precise approval and tracking of requisitions with the centralized procurement platform.

Automated notifications

Categorize Workflows

Flexible Routing

Real-time Tracking

Unprecedented Control Over All Business Spend

Faster Decisions

Enable procurement teams to make prompt and responsible spending decisions with unified purchasing and AP automation.

faster decisions


Improved transparency and control over cash flow by automating the entire purchase to pay process.

Budget Control

No more maverick spending or exceeding budget limits with clear visibility into supplier data.

Shorten Purchase Cycle Times

Automated 3-Way Matching for faster and more accurate validation and approval of orders and invoices.

purchase life cycle

Procure to Pay Process

Eliminate the inconsistencies and inaccuracies of manual procure to pay processes with Cflow. Our flexible procure to pay platform gives you complete control and context of every penny that your organization spends.

Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisitions are submitted by employees of various departments and are routed to the manager or department head for review and approval.

Quotation Management (RFQ)

Purchase requests are collated and floated as a single request for quote (RFQ) and shared with prospective vendors.

PO Processing

Processing of purchase orders is an alternate process to the RFQ process. In this process, a pre-qualified vendor is identified based on previously approved rate agreements.

Goods Receipt

Issuance of goods received notes can be done automatically with Cflow. Once the goods received from the supplier are inspected for quality, the goods received note is automatically issued so that subsequent invoice requests can be placed.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is concerned with payment of vendor invoices. 3-way matching is an important step in accounts payable that is concerned with matching data on invoices, purchase orders, and goods received note.

Invoice Payment

Once the vendor delivers the goods, the goods received note is created by the buyer. Details on the quantity and quality of goods that are delivered is entered into the goods received note.

Issue Requests and Returns

Once goods are inspected the request for payment or return of goods can be automated by Cflow. A payment invoice is raised when PO terms and conditions and quality standards are. When goods do not meet expected quality, then a return request is issued.

Inventory Management

Plan logistics and optimize inventory of the procurement process with Cflow. Distributors can add, edit, delete and transfer inventory in real-time with automated inventory systems. Automated inventory management also syncs order and inventory data in real-time.

Vendor Additon

Vendors are vetted and added to the vendor database based on various selection criteria. The request for quotation submitted by various vendors is reviewed and compared by the procurement team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Procurement Automation?

Automating the repetitive, data-intensive tasks in the procurement cycle using workflow automation software.

What is No Code Workflow Automation?

A workflow automation solution like Cflow offers no code automation features that enable users to create automated workflows using the visual form builder, without having to write any code.

Can All The Tasks in The P2P Cycle Be Automated?

All the data-intensive, repetitive tasks like invoice approvals, PO matching, and vendor onboarding, can be automated with procure to pay software.

Why Should You Automate Procurement Tasks?

Automation eliminates redundancies and streamlines the procurement process. This saves time and costs for the team, and also improves overall productivity.

Have You Decided to Automate Your Procurement Process?

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