7 Amazing Workflow Automation Inventions that Made Life Easier

7 Amazing Workflow Automation Inventions

Workflow automation is integrated into every individual’s life whether you have realized it or not!

Right from apps to automobiles, automating a work saves you from having to perform redundant tasks and experience the convenience of hands-free access to technology.

The world changed with these workflow automation inventions and by the term workflow, it can never be constrained by something called an office space.

The things you do at home still come under this category because it saves you time and gives you an improved leisure period than before.

1. Automated E-mail When Out of Desk/ On Holidays

A simple yet efficient tool that made your work life much easier!

Even without realizing it, you set up an automatic reply to everyone who sends you an e-mail when you are on holiday or have availed of sick leave. It improves delegation and makes sure no one waits for you to reply.

2. Automated App Updates

You use your smartphone every day and have tons of apps installed on it. A simple feature that automatically updates your apps to the latest version when you are charging your phone and connected to WiFi saves you endless hours.

3. Battery Saver Mode

Without the life-saving concept of automatic battery-saver mode, most smartphone users would be left in the lurch.

When your phone’s battery drains beyond a specified limit, say 15% the phone will automatically cut down WiFi, 4G, and all other background apps to enhance its battery life. An automation process that saves you when you need it the most!

End-to-end workflow automation

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4. Autocomplete

When you start typing your email ID or reply to a text message, your smartphone will magically start reading your mind. Sounds awesome, right? That’s the true power of autocomplete that people are so used to right now and it’s an automation process that no one gives a thought to.

Yet, it’s important to help you complete your messages and searches quickly.

5. Dedicated App for Saved Passwords

Unlike the autocomplete feature, apps, and websites can’t remember your password to fill it up for you without compromising security. There are dedicated apps with encryption features.

One of the most popular ones is LastPass which automatically saves all your passwords, and keeps track of your logins on the desktop, iOS, and Android devices while auto-completing passwords when needed.

A handy and secure automation solution designed for confidential data such as user credentials.

6. Auto-Save in Cloud Docs – G Suite, MS Office 365

The cloud is now an inevitable aspect of everyday computing. Gone are the days when you stored all your files, music, and movies on a local hard drive. The internet is faster than ever allowing users to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google’s G Suite on the cloud.

You no longer have to manually save files or worry about losing access if your PC shuts down unexpectedly. Everything is fully automated as backups are triggered every time you make a change to the file and it also allows multiple people to work on the same document at once.

7. Automated Software Security Patches

Security threats are higher than ever because confidential information is now stored in your computer. Many users value their digital presence more than their actual physical self. In such a scenario, it’s common to see hackers exploiting security loopholes to infect a PC with a virus or introduce ransomware.

Instead of waiting for you to accept it, critical software security patches can be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer for your safety. An innovation in automation that saves you from colossal data loss!

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