Purchase receipt, Vendor addition, Quotation management and so on.

Manual procurement workflows can eat up the productive work hours of the procurement team. Automating key procurement workflows like purchase receipt verification, 3-way matching, quotation management, etc. not only saves time, but also improves the productivity of procurement. Accuracy and consistency of procurement workflows is greatly improved through automation.

Purchase Receipt

Validating the data on purchase receipts can be automated to save time for the procurement team

Asset Purchase Process

Approvals for the purchase of assets can be automated based on rules as per procurement budgets

Asset End of Life

Checking whether business assets have reached the end of their useful life can be automated based on pre-set rules

Vendor Addition

Vendor onboarding and vendor addition processes can be automated to save time and effort for the procurement team

Quotation Management

Automated quotation management allows easy and quick creation, submission and tracking of quotes and invoices

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