What is Workflow Mapping?

Drawing a picture has always had a positive and clarified impact on any human being. Right from the days of cavemen to Egyptians and graffiti culture, pictures allow easier understanding. The exact concept, when implemented in a business environment with the help of workflow mapping, can boost the process flow like no other solution.

business process workflow mapping

The mapping is a visual representation of the process where a series of diagrams, signs, and indicators work together to establish the workflow process.

The pictorial diagram should be so clear and simple that anyone who is entirely new to the organization should be able to understand what should be done next and such clarity helps the entire workforce to perform better at every stage.

Can Workflow Mapping Really Strengthen Efficiency?

Any trained speaker can spend hours explaining the process but given a piece of the diagram, it is easy to witness that a group of people will understand the idea in minutes.

The process of workflow mapping may take a couple of hours but once it is perfected, every employee will be able to quickly understand what is expected of them. The process, how it flows from one step to another, the people assigned for different stages, how to carry it out and the indicators make up for an easier understanding.

The primary purpose of having a map is to provide an overall picture for every last person. It helps motivate them a lot instead of instructing someone to move a file or write something that they will never understand why it is being done.

Here is an example of a business travel workflow map:

 business travel solution workflow

Fig: Workflow Mapping Example

The employer can create a sense of belonging and by providing a clear idea, it will get the job done with more precision and efficiency.

Besides, the mapped workflow will be the only guide anyone has to refer to. Every detail including the tasks to be done, alternate routes if there are an obstacle, and deciding authorities will be mentioned.

It is easy to compare the mapping to Google Maps which automatically suggests the best route, obstacles, and the proposed time it takes to reach a location.

The Primary Benefits of Workflow Mapping

With the help of workflow mapping software like Cflow, the number of benefits that you will instantly gain is plenty. The visual roadmap creates better clarity on the work that is being carried out and eradicates any shortcomings if found.

Turn it into a Picture

Converting your business into a picture is no easy task unless you start relying on workflow mapping. Because it is the only and the best way to see the path a task travels before it reaches its final completion stage.

Is Something Wrong?

Oftentimes, the decision-makers and top management may feel something is wrong but will just not be able to pinpoint the issue. The visual mapping helps in identifying problems rather than feeling lost amidst tons of different tasks.

Find the Delay Areas

A lot of tasks once commenced years ago will be handled in the same manner until someone identifies that there is a redundancy. Instead of leaving things to luck, you should consider finding where the delays happen and fix them.

Let People Take Responsibility

Every task will be assigned to a specific person and will move from one step to another. They will have an opportunity to work more efficiently and take responsibility in case of errors occur. Most management issues arise from accountability which can be fixed by mapping the business process.

Better Way to do it

There is always a better way to do any process because what is being currently followed will often be marred by errors. With the help of workflow process mapping, it is easier to identify the best way to do any process, improve the flow and weed out the inconsistencies.

Workflow Mapping with Cflow – The Simple Solution to Complex Problems

Witness change when you create a visually mapped workflow using Cflow, the #1 workflow management software. The easier set of tools and indicators makes it easier for any employee to create a workflow that helps the entire process.

new cflow dashboard

The preparation injects clarity into your organization, boosts efficiency, and encourages employees to work more productively because they should contribute only for their part, while everything else will be done by the respectively assigned personalities. A great workflow mapping solution for your team is Cflow.