Public Forms

Reaching users outside of your Cflow program is easier than ever with Public Forms. Be it collecting information about your new employees, requesting invoice particulars from a vendor or creating a database of your customers, everything can be done using forms that work through a simple easy to use URL.

public forms

Just tap on create public forms, enter the details you would like the participants to share with your company and send the custom URL to as many people as required. When they enter the required data, it will immediately be uploaded and linked with your Cflow processes making it easy to keep track of the database, irrespective of its size. Public forms make it easier to connect with users who are not directly associated with your organization but are required to provide the information you require to streamline your workflow.

  • Create public forms with simple one-tap settings
  • Integrate with your public website and capture all information instantly
  • Every detail entered in the public form is seamlessly routed to the appropriate reviewer and shows up in Cflow automatically
  • Ideal for the registration process, enquiry process and feedback forms, aimed at a large audience.

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