Understanding the Difference Between Tasks and Process

difference between job task and process

From your local grocery store to Microsoft headquarters, there is one commonality between all types and sizes of businesses. Processes. Business operations are made up of several processes that work in sync with business outcomes. A lot can be learned about the business by looking at daily processes. The most effective way of improving business operations and outcomes is to improve the efficiency of business processes.

The terms process, job, and task are used interchangeably in the business world. Is there a difference between task and process? Read on to understand tasks and processes and their differences and commonalities.

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What are Tasks?

Project management is all about task and process management. A task in a project may be defined as an action with a specific accomplishment in one stage of the process. Tasks are everywhere in a business; they are steps that need to be executed for the process to function as designed.

In computer programming, a task may be defined as a unit of work being executed. A task is a sub-part of a job. Several tasks together form a job. A task may be referred to as a thread sometimes.

For example: when we run a thread in Java, it is called a task. A printer printing a document is said to be executing a printing task. When several tasks are performed together, it is referred to as multitasking. Multi-tasking is also referred to as time-sharing.

What is the difference between a job and a task? A job is a complete unit of work under execution. A job is made up of many steps or tasks that are executed as batches. A program is written to run a job. Although job and task are used synonymously in computational work, they both mean different things. When there is only a single job, it may be referred to as a task.

Work is another term that is often used interchangeably with the terms job, task, and process. Work may be defined as an event that is happening. Work also means employment, occupation, and labor as per specific contexts. The comparison of work vs task may be done in terms of the purpose and duration. A task has a single, specific purpose, while work has multiple purposes. The duration of a task is specific, while work is continuous by nature.

What are Processes?

A business process is a set of tasks that are executed to achieve business outcomes. The input to a process is raw materials and effort, while the output is usually a product or service. Employee productivity and long-term business growth are determined by how well business processes are managed.

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Business processes are the core upon which a business operates. Having a well-planned and implemented process offers several advantages, like:

Streamlines operations:

  •  a clearly defined process streamlines business operations by cutting out redundancies and repetitions

Saves time and effort:

  • clearly mapped business processes have well-defined roles, which enables smooth execution of process saving time and avoiding duplicate effort

Minimizes opportunity cost:

  • a clear process design frees up time for employees. This time can be utilized in performing more productive work, thereby, reducing the opportunity cost

Improves operational efficiency:

  • when the project and department teams are clear about their roles, there is no wasted or duplicated effort or redundancies. Operational efficiency is more in a clearly defined process workflow.

The definition of job and process is very similar. Both processes and jobs are a set of tasks performed to accomplish specific outcomes.

Difference Between Task and Process

The concept of job, process, and task revolves around each other. The job vs task vs work vs process comparisons depends on the context they refer to. In computer terminology, a process is an isolated entity of an operating system. A task may be called a process if it is a single isolated task. While a job may be called a task if the job to be performed is a single unit of work.

In the context of business operations, a process consists of several tasks that are performed to achieve a single objective. A project is usually divided up into a sequence of individual tasks, each task having specific deadlines.

What is the difference between a job and a process? The task vs process comparison in business operations may be done based on the scope, duration, and intent. Business processes have a wider scope of accomplishment, while tasks are smaller units of work with a smaller scope. Processes take a longer time to complete when compared to tasks. Processes are usually aligned to the overall organizational goals, while tasks are aligned to process objectives.

Automating tasks and processes

Optimized business operations require streamlined business processes. Process workflow automation is an efficient way of streamlining business processes. Automated workflows are devoid of process bottlenecks, delays, repetitive tasks, redundancies, and inaccuracies. Resource utilization is optimal in automated workflows. Accountability and transparency are better in automated workflows when compared to manual workflows.

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