The backbone of an organization’s operations is largely reliant on approvals! Unless you are in top management, you may not have noticed it immediately. However, even an employee who is part of a team has to get approvals from different teams and managers almost on a daily basis.

An approval process software becomes inevitable at this point as it helps you benefited by streamlining business processes, where every request is taken into consideration and automatically notified to its respective deciding authorities.

Typical Scenarios of Approvals

  • You need your leave requests to be approved by your manager or team leader
  • Every time you submit a reimbursement request for travel or office expenses, it has to be approved by the operations team
  • All the work that you complete are supposed to be viewed and approved by your reporting authority
  • When your computer fails to work or you need new software, a ticket has to be raised and the IT admin should approve it in time.

In every scenario, you can easily witness that they are time-consuming tasks and unless streamlined using a typical workflow automation software, they could hinder an organization’s performance.

Using Approval Process in,

1. Human Resources Department (HR)

Human Resources can benefit a lot by automating and save time when using approval process software. Right from leave approvals to medical claim, permission to come to the office late or leave early and requesting compensatory off can all be done through the program.

2. Operations

The operations team has to face everyday expenses and they take their own time to approve any new requests. The Operations people should also work with finance team before approving any requests and the automation software acts as a bridge, allowing both of them to know when new requests are made to buy a new computer, a chair or anything the office requires.

3. Finance

The most important team of them all, the finance department works all the time with paper documents, files, and invoices. They always find it tough to keep track of pending requests and the only way to bring them under control is to digitalize the entire work.

The process software sends automated notifications to save time, keep track of all documents and can even automate invoices if they are repeated every month.

4. Technical Team

The term technical team refers to every other team in the organization which contributes to developing a software or providing a service to the customers.

When automating time-consuming tasks using an approval process software, it makes it easier to move a file from one team to another. They can coordinate better, save time and focus on immediate tasks while approvals will be automatically done without much delay.

5. Auditing and Maintenance

The auditing and maintenance departments in an organization can benefit largely by using the program. Every asset purchased, software deployed and the work done in a year will be available in digital format for them to review easily. It makes auditing easier leading to better business growth, compliance and maintenance of business processes. The documentation even helps external audits to monitor processes, workflow carried out and assess the overall value of a company.

Cflow is an approval process software which when introduced into your business environment has the power to change everything. The software will help you automate repetitive tasks to save time and to make approvals easier than ever, as your employees no longer have to send requests manually or follow up with notifications.

Everything will be carried out by Cflow, the only software to streamline your workflow.

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