Running a startup company and achieving one’s dream is no easy task! Maria is one such dreamer who set out to set up her own office deriving from her corporate experience and her coding knowledge.

She hired a couple of talented people to work for her and development went into full swing. However, there are some important things Maria missed to take note of. While she had her friend help out in Capex and finance management, she didn’t provide enough attention to her other operations.

An office required the enablers, the operations, and financial team to support the core engineering team. If developers are expected to deliver their best, they need proper support from vendors with supplies, ensure the office functions effectively and the finance team approves invoices, salary in time.

Maria found herself in a tough situation where she was unable to spend so much money on different software programs. She wanted to streamline her work, automate processes and was looking for an all-in-one software to do it for her.

That’s when she came across Cflow, an All-in-one software which had all the most repeatedly used templates ready to use. Be it HR process, approving invoices, leave request or vendor management, Cflow had everything she would use on a daily basis and even allowed her to easily create a custom workflow that her startup required.

An All-in-One Software: The Processes it Can Handle

1. Human Resources / Employee Management

Human resources is an important and one among the core teams that require the maximum support from the organization.

HR department performs various tasks like hiring, maintaining resources, employee onboarding, training, company induction, reward programs and exit interviews.

The HR team need not be large but with the required amount of employees, an all-in-software like Cflow can streamline and give a professional touch to all these processes.

2. Operations / Vendor Management

Some businesses require lots of vendors to keep supplying the necessary raw materials.

A crucial aspect of getting new vendors is that every time it needs to go through a series of process flow including gathering vendor details, approving their quotation and background verification. Instead of doing this manually and struggling to keep track of manual records, you can digitalize the process using a business process management software.

A template can simplify the vendor workflow process where they have to provide the necessary documents and join your organization once approved.

3. Finance / Purchase Order / Invoice Approval

The finance team is the most powerful enablers of an organization, be it approving invoices, accepting purchase orders and doing the necessary process to get the funds across, they have to be very alert at all times.

The finance team can never afford any mistakes when approving invoices and when the necessary documents are available in a unified platform, they can finally have more time for important tasks while repetitive ones can be automated.

4. Marketing / Client Management

A team of expert marketers can work to bring in clients and a marketing workflow software can help them keep track of their clients.

The software works seamlessly on both desktop platforms and mobile phones. It makes it easier to collect client requirements and documents during an initial visit. The documents will be readily available in the cloud for the entire marketing team to view, analyze and provide suggestions whenever required. It also makes it easy to create reports and focus on specific client niche during targeted marketing campaigns.

Embracing the Potential of Automation with an All-in-One Software

A team of competent employees can invariably contribute their best to the growth of a startup and small business establishment. They do need the right tools so as to get work done in time, make it easy to audit and obviously going paperless in this cloud era is more inevitable than just being a necessity.

Cflow is a true all-in-one software which comes bundled with a range of useful templates that you could make use of for your HR, finance, operations and marketing team to instantly get things going. The software is easy to use, no code bpm has a visual UI builder to create new templates and will take the chaos out of your business to make it more streamlined than ever. Most importantly, it’s very affordable when compared to purchasing multiple software licenses.

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