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Create your Workflow

There are a number of ways organizations use automation to achieve their business objectives. Come along for a quick tour of Cflow – the intuitive Cloud Workflow Automation Software. Cflow’s simple 4-step Visual Workflow Builder will help you get up and running in a matter of minutes and you will experience the easier way of getting work done.

You can create your workflow in 2 ways – Select a process from the Process Library or start from scratch by clicking on the Create new workflow button.Selecting a workflow from the Process Library will import and automatically publish the workflow so that it is ready to use. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

Clicking on the Create new workflow button will take you to the 1st step in the workflow creation process.

Cflow BPM Workflow Automation Software Home Screen
Name your workflow

1. Name your Workflow

Give a name to the process you wish to automate, say., Employee Onboarding Process, Leave Approval Process or something similar. Add a note on the purpose of this process and the intended audience.

2. Design Form

Design your form to make it intuitive for users to work with. Organize the form into sections and drag and drop fields from the toolbox. There are no limits on sections and fields. Use your imagination to design forms that are easy to fill in.

Need to fill in order items or multiple items in a form? No problem, add a Table section to your form and specify the columns you wish to have. Need to do complex tax calculations? No problem. Use hidden fields to store intermediate values and use the math feature to define your tax calculation.

Drag and drop design form
Create workflow using process stage button and connecting the stages

3. Create Flow

Create your workflow simply by clicking the Process Stage button and connecting the stages. There is no code to write and your entire process can be automated in a matter of minutes. See how 100s of organizations, small and large, have automated their processes, simple and complex, using Cflow – the simple workflow automation platform.

Need to capture data in each stage? You can add/remove fields, design a new form in each stage and set field properties that give maximum flexibility to the workflow designer.

Create a parallel flow where the request is sent to two or more stakeholders simultaneously. The request is seen by all parallel owners and they can approve and comment easily.

One branch of the parallel flow need to go through a sequence of approvals before it joins the main trunk? Sure, we can do that. A lot of complexity is hidden behind the facade so that the business user can get a process up and running in no time.

4. Add Users/Roles

Cflow follows a role-based security model to give users access to different stages of a process. Create a new user and assign a role to the user. The user automatically has access to all the workflow stages that are owned by this role.

Assign as many roles to a user as you wish. Cflow provides the flexibility to keep roles generic or very granular.

Create a new user and assign a role to the user

What are you waiting for?

Try Cflow to experience the simplicity and power of automation in business processes. And it is FREE!

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